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The Quantum Avatar

Audio Digital Interface Technology

Taking Your Practice To The Next Level

The Quantum Avatar is a multi purpose device which can take audio signals (from The Quantum Genius as an example) and invert, amplify and enhance these signals improving the efficacy of your sessions. In fact, The Avatar can take any audio signal (Music, frequency tones and energetic signatures) and convert these to deliver Light, PEMF, Sound and electro magnetic frequencies. It combines many popular devices into a single delivery system. Take a moment and enjoy our page regarding one of the most remarkable energy medicine devices on the planet today.

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The Quantum Avatar
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Purchase includes Multi Color LED Probe & LED Pad

What Makes The Quantum Avatar So Different?

As fellow Energy Medicine practitioners we know that everything is energy. Bodywork, massage, accu puncture are all forms of Energy Medicine because we transmit “energy” from one “medium ~ practitioner” to “another~ client”
In the case of Energy Medicine Devices and equipment they all transmit energy in one way or another. Energy Medicine devices (LIFE, QXCI, SCIO, CoRe) will transmit this “energy” via an electrical current stimulation. As an example some devices will use an electro-magnetic frequency delivery system, some will use LIGHT Therapy and others will use Sound Therapy as the “energy” delivery mechanism, while other use PEMF, subtle field carrier waves etc etc.

Well The Quantum Avatar combines all of these “energy” delivery mechanisms into one simple easy to use system. Why offer one device with a single form of delivery when you can incorporate many different delivery mechanisms into one single system?


Visit The Quantum Avatar Website Here

What Will Your Clients Experience?

Take your typical client experience with Quantum Biofeedback…Your client feels calm, relaxed and at peace! Now double that… or even quadruple that experience! All me to explain: When applying a balancing stimulation to your client, by harmonizing your client using all the different frequency spectrums (LIGHT, Sound, Electro-magnetic) the results will be most surprising.

(Don’t worry, you can modulate the intensity for the sensitive clients)

  • Shorten your session time
  • Save your clients time and money
  • Increases ATP Production of your client
  • Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Infrared Frequencies activates the production of endorphins and blocks pain-transmitting chemicals
  • Strengthens Immune Function. Improves Cellular pH and Energy
  • Relaxes Nervous System. Improves Sleep and Relaxation

Frequency Input

The Avatar can take signals from any iPhone, iPad or Android Device

The Avatar can act as a stand alone device with a built in frequency generator

More Info

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Frequency Output

4 * output connectors can all run concurrently. Each connector has an amplification/power setting

LED accessories (Light Emitting Diodes) pet pads, human pads, blankets and more.
LED Probes & LED pads.

Generates Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF’s)

Generates sound frequencies (suitable with headphones)

Connects various hardware accessories (The Geo Harness System) amongst others.

Combining the best of bioresonance technology with homeopathic imprinting

  • Can be used as a stand alone device with built in frequency generator
  • Converts any iPhone, iPad or Android frequencies
  • LED pad and blanket output options (LED’s)
  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency output (PEMF’s)
  • Amplifies the audio signal for sound therapy
  • Crystal powered by Quartz
  • Remedy Maker and Replicator
  • Antidote Maker
  • Miasmic Shielding


  • Restructures water.
  • Independant stand alone Internal frequency generator
  • Multi external treatment accessory options.
  • Mitigates harmfull EMF’s
  • EMF Shield Protector
  • Photon Chamber
  • Microcurrent Stimulater
  • Square Wave Signal Generation
  • Microcurrent variable output intensity levels
  • Donor plate & Recipient plate

Compare With LIFE, Indigo, SCIO, EPFX

A direct comparison between various Quantum Biofeedback Devices is not really possible due to the fundamental design differences between The Quantum Avatar and the QXCI, SCIO, LIFE or Indigo System. However what is really unique about The Quantum Avatar is the ability to take any audio signal and convert these to no less than 4 different frequency output options. With 2 test plates, crystalized quartz and a photon chamber we do feel The Quantum Avatar has set a new standard. Also now you can actually hear the frequencies being generated as well!

More Features & Benefits

  • Crystal powered. Embedded uncut clear quartz in its electro-magnetically activated form acts as intermediate storage and cleansing/clearing filter. All signals are filtered through the internal crystal before balancing.
  • Remedy Maker and Replicator using frequencies or combination of remedies on Donor Plate. It can also duplicate frequencies from any 3.5mm input device (iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets)
  • Antidote Maker uses Inverter function to reverse opposing frequencies and polarities, nosodes, sarcodes
  • Miasmic Shielding incorporates Chartres Labyrinth & Sacred Geometry
  • Output Signal: True square wave providing monophasic (positive polarity) or biphasic signal.
  • Output Power: Microcurrent variable output intensity levels from 0 to 2000 microamp output at up to 12 volts.


  • Restructured water: Makes miasmically cleared drinking water by injecting chosen frequencies.
  • Output Frequencies: Internal frequency generator produces the 12 most used prefixed frequencies. These are alpha, schumann & some Rife frequencies.
  • External treatment accessories such as light and laser beams, magnetic pulses from Mobius or Caduceus coils & sonic transducers.
  • Power: 12 volt wall adapter (transformer type or international switching type) can power the unit for 24/7 use for purposes of clearing miasms in a home or office space.
  • Auxiliary Connectors: Ability to drive light pen, laser pen, magnetic coil, acoustic transducer & conductive rubber skin electrodes.Learn More