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Mind NRG

Guided Imagery With Proven Psychological Benefits


Mind NRG Guided Imagery App

It’s the result of merging sophisticated energetic waveform and vibrational programming with proprietary musical compositions, Guided Imagery and more, using precise signature of items we’ve known for over a decade now support the common needs in our world today, yet are merged together in an entirely unique way.

A Little Bit More

Energy Restoration through:

  • Relaxation


  • Weight Management Support


  • Stress Reduction


  • Regeneration


  • Vitality & Focus


  • Energy Bodies

The Therapeutic Layers Include:

1: Proven Guided Imagery processes of relaxation and positive thinking entrainment

2: Thematic music composed using Solfeggio Tone Sound Frequencies

3: Sophisticated Parallel Subliminal Support for use in personally guided visually enhancing journeys

4: Psycho-active “Frequency Specific” Ambient Environmental background compositions

5: Brain and Chakra Entrainments embedded into the app for a full body experience

6: Informationally Coded Flower & Gemstone Remedy in a Vibrational Waveform

7: Time-tested corresponding Color Programs

The Mind NRG Experience

If you’ve looked for a solution to providing a deeper, more experiential element to your sessions, this is it!

Although we cannot capture the full vibrational experience of The MindNrg Program in an mp3, the original Solfeggio Tone Music and Guided Visualization alone have impact and can give you a taste of the App’s essence.

Select any audio track, attach your headphones, sit back & relax to a series of guided imagery audio files designed to help you achieve YOUR specific goals. Compatible with the other modalities, such as Biofeedback, infrared Biomats, LED lights and more.

A Great Complement To Biofeedback Sessions!

The MindNrg Program may seem primarily to be a Self Reliant Imagery Meditation App BUT the audio tracks you listen to have no less than 7 different embedded wave form layers.

Typical Meditation Tracks have a single layer or use “binaural” entrainment, which can be lost upon those with less than perfect hearing. We’ve utilized a pulsed entrainment method that doesn’t require perfect hearing. Our audio tracks have 7 layers combined in ways that have literally been “unheard of” in other approaches!