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INTENTION MOTIVATOR, Combines kaleidoscopic fractal animations, ancient healing Solfeggio Tones, Vedic Astrology, Symbolic Fractals, Binaural Beats & Powerful Healing Music & Mantra’s combined with picture and voice analysis capabilities.

The process of discovery is safe & gentle, designed to magnify your intentions.

Simply put, enter your intention by voice and text and allow Intention Motivator to generate fractal healing algorithms to help support and manifest your intentions.

INTENTION MOTIVATOR is designed to help you clear your blockages and manifest your goals and intentions. Can be used in a clinical setting and at home!


Personalize Your Experience With Customized Fractals

Coming soon …. Personalize your intention motivator experience and magnify your intentions by uploading personalized fractals to intention motivator. 

Experience a profound energetic shift with a personalized “charged” fractal. Even your name designed as a fractal image can offer tremendous healing power. Fractals are considered a form of holographic healing working simultaneously with the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual plains.

Create A Fractal Image Of Your Name

A personalized customized fractal of your name. Use as a screensaver and in times of weakness to gain your inner strength.


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Create a Fractal Animation of Your Name and Birthdate

A personalized customized fractal of your name & birth date. Use as a screensaver and in times of weakness to gain your inner strength.


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3D Fractal Drawing – 3D Coloring Book

Reduce your stress with a 3D fractal coloring book of your name. A perfect balance to anyone’s stressful day and also makes a great present!


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Create A Sentence or Affirmation

Create a fractal of an entire sentence..perhaps your favorite scripture passage or an affirmation or mantra close to your heart! (Place these around your environment, in your clothes and in your car)


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Improve Spousal Relationships with fractals

Merge you and your partners details and create a beautiful combined fractal merging your energies forever as one! (A picture perfect gift for any couple. Spice up your life and place the fractal in and around your bedroom)


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Create A Fractal Image Of A Single Word Fractal

A single word fractal. A positive word of reinforcement or an emotion word which provokes something within you. (Place these around your environment, especially on foods and food containers)


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Exploring The Healing Power Of Fractals & Intention Motivator

Creation of fractal energy is a process of weaving threads between energy and matter. The purpose of creating energy fractals is to materialize the energies of our aspirations, wants and needs of the physical, emotional and spiritual levels

Fractal energy penetrates much deeper into the being than we could possibly imagine. Every fractal in itself has some energy effect just like any color or a picture on the wall has.

Fractals is a form of holographic healing, working simultaneously on the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual plains that aids in the transformation of your physical body and consciousness.

Considered as a scientific sphere of influence, fractals may inspire a greater spiritual awareness and an opportunity to genuinely transform your life.

Fractals Explained

In nature, there are a multitude of self repeating patterns (e.g. leaves, branches, seashells, clouds, rivers, lightning). These are called fractals. In essence, we as human beings are also fractals – with emotional, mental and physical patterns that repeat at every level of our being.

Nature is full of fractals.

Our Body Is A Complex Fractal

One of the oldest meditation tools is the visualization of symbols. A Fractal is a complex figure formed by the rules, similar in design to our nervous system. Therefore, fractal images are very easy to remember and they perceived as pleasant. They are diverse and non denominational. Fractals act as a perfect bridge into anyone’s “inner world”

Our circulatory and lymphatic system forms a fractal pattern. The neural structures of the brain show a dominant fractal theme. Even at a DNA level, these DNA segments which code our entire complex human system is fractal in design!

Romanesco Broccoli

This form of cauliflower is the ultimate fractal vegetable with it’s pattern the natural representation of the Fibonacci or golden spiral.
If you divide a fractal pattern into parts you get a nearly identical reduced-size copy of the whole. We are the sum of all our parts!

Peacock Feathers

Peacocks attract mates with the repeating patterns in their plumage. From sea shells and spiral galaxies to the structure of human lungs, the patterns of chaos are all around us.

Leaves of Nature

Many plants follow simple recursive formulas in generating their branching shapes and leaf patterns. Did you know that deforestation patterns that occur along primary, secondary and tertiary roadways form a similar pattern?