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The Insight Quanta Capsule

The Insight Quanta Capsule was created to better support practitioners clients in-between sessions. Once downloaded onto the clients smartphone, the practitioner can send balancing frequencies to the client via email.


About The Insight Quanta Capsule App

Practitioner exports session frequencies from The Genius and the client imports these frequencies for home use balancing in-between sessions.

A Little Bit More

The Insight Quanta Capsule is an incredible tool designed for your clients to use away from your office and in-between sessions.

It is a standalone app which has the ability to import frequencies from your practitioners Insight Genius App to allow at home balancing. The capsule owner can be halfway around the world and receive immediate help and relief from their Insight Genius practitioner.

This app was developed to support the practitioner services in-between sessions and designed for ease of use. This app is very affordable to ensure that every single client can have access to in-between session frequencies.

About The Quanta Capsule

The Quanta Capsule was designed to provide support to clients who are unable to visit the practitioners offices frequently. At only $49usd, the app is quite the little miracle worker.

Example’s Of Use

After a meal you feel rather unwell and feel like you need a tune up from your practitioner. You call your practitioner and they record your voice over the phone to conduct a Genius Analysis. Once they have identified the imbalances and decided on the appropriate balancing frequencies, the practitioner will email these frequencies directly to your Insight Quanta Capsule!

Long Distance Balancing…

The client will click on the email link and import the balancing frequencies into The Insight Quanta Capsule, select the duration of the session, attach the Geo M Series Harness and allow for balancing to begin.

This adds a whole new dimension to long distance work!

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