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Genius Insight App Pages

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System Over View


Once you have entered your clients personal information, your journey of Self Discovery & Exploration begins at the System Overview Page. After you select Begin Analysis, the results will yield the highest and lowest probabilities of disturbance in the body.

“Enter Your Energetic Signature Here” Using a propitiatory algorithm, we convert your positive based affirmation to a Healing Harmonic Balancing Frequency.

Need An Example? ‘I want to balance my hormones and bring them back to a perfect balanced state’.

Press Begin Analysis To Discover Your Imbalances.

Your Results Are In.

The Genius Insight App has over 35 Wellness panels and thousands of Energetic Signatures and Frequencies which are all utilized during the Analysis Process. To glean initial Insights into your clients current state of health, All these items are categorized according to the MIND, BODY & BIO-FIELD. These results will offer an initial  hint as to what area is showing a weakness.

Tap ‘Mind’ To Review All The Programs Related To The MIND.

Tap ‘Body’ To Review All The Programs Related To The BODY.

Tap ‘Bio-field’ To Review All The Programs Related To The BIO-FIELD.

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quantum genius body systems

Body System Overview Page

Here you will discover what your body is telling you based upon no less than 15 different panels. Get a detailed breakdown and gain a deeper understanding of the various Body Systems of your client. Drill down deeper into:

  • The Digestive System, Endocrine System, Immune System, Circulatory System and more.
  • Analyze the Spinal Energy Flow and Specific Vertebrae.
  • Amino Acids, Organs, Chemical Sensitivities, Minerals, Vitamins, Glands and more.
  • What are Today’s Stressors?
  • What are the best Essential Oils for you today?
  • What Herbs would be the most beneficial?
  • Are you sensitive to EMF or Radio Waves or Something Else?

 Mind Analysis Panel

Select from one of the following panels to delve deeper into the MIND of your client:

Bach Flower Remedies, Brain Wave EEG, Emotional, Brain Anatomy & Neurotransmitters.
The higher the number indicates the higher the probability of disturbance. You can tap on any of these main categories and then a window  will allow you to drill down deeper.
For example if you tap on the Brain Anatomy, a further panel will appear showing indications of disturbance related to the anatomy of the brain.

biofeedback app mind results

“Balance All” Feature

The higher and lower items indicate a probability of disturbance. Review the high and low items and look for common theme’s and patterns to help understand your results. By selecting the Balance All option, Genius Insight automatically loads all the high and low items into the treatment tray and begins an automated balancing procedure addressing all the items that are out of balance.

 Entangled Insights. Discover Your Underlying Cause of Concern

The Entangled Insights module allows you to cross analyze any item of concern against a separate database of items ranging from viruses, herbs, bacterias, emotions, essential oils and more! It allows you to drill down deeper to find the underlying cause of concern.  It is like your one stop shop for ‘Why do my joints ache?’ Inside the search box, select ALL to load the entire database for deeper analysis or select a specific category.  Also you can search for remedies that will be the most beneficial to your balancing. Once you have scanned your results, we generally advise you to take note of the 2 top items and the very bottom items to provide balance stimulation to.

To drill down deeper, drag the items of concern down to the main hold tray and access The Progressive Insights Module. Once you have manually selected the items that illustrate a concern to you, The Progressive Insight Module will further analyze the relationship of these items based upon the 12 Functional Zone Considerations. Think of the 12 Zones as your end goal ~ At the end of your session, you put all the pieces of the puzzle together and see the whole picture.

Libraries (Custom Libraries)

The ability to create, add, export and import personalized libraries to suit your needs makes The Genius Insight one of the most advanced Biofeedback Technologies on the market today.
Here you can manually add or you can purchase custom libraries for your Genius Insight App. You will have ‘Created Libraries’ & ‘Shared Libraries’. Your import function is where you can import your shared libraries. Export is where you can then share to someone else. You can also manually import anything such as a remedy or supplement. Watch A Video Here

Navigation Settings

Here is how to navigate around your Genius Insight. Add a library, shop accessories, manage your frequency settings and much more. You can sync your client files and entire database with the cloud, change your frequency delivery system & more. Convert your voice to a harmonic remedy, access your reporting system and more.

Frequency Shape/Form

One of the phenomenal advances we have made is the ability to generate different kind of wave shapes, such as Sine, Square, Saw Tooth.  From this page you can also amplify the intensity of the frequencies as well as download extra Energy Encoded Frequencies. Explore from our Sonic Signature library options as well as our archetype encoding process all designed to generate the most specific signatures for you and your clients.

We really do hope that you take the time and explore this panel for yourself. 


For best results select the ALTERNATING option as well as the Energy Enhanced Layering Technology. Sit back and get the “Feel Good” back into you!