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iLife/iNfinity Is Migrating Away From Dropbox

BY ryan29-09-2017.
The release of this update will occur in 2 stages to ensure a smooth transition. This is a huge task we have undertaken and once complete will represent over 150 man hours to complete something which seems so small yet is rather immense.

New Genius App Training Resources

BY ryan22-09-2017.
"I have been making my way through your manual and LOVING it.  I haven't finished it yet, but am finding it a powerhouse of information and explanation of some things I was always googling.   I now know where to find a brief and concise explanation quickly and easily." People often tell us that the Genius is an amazing program, but they wish they knew more about it so they could use it better and make the most of it. You can now get all of that and in a very short amount of time.

A Grumpy Waitress, Road Rage & The Genius Insight App

BY ryan22-09-2017.
A Grumpy Waitress & Road Rage We wanted to share 2 different experiences this week with you. Strangely though both happened in a single day which prompted a bit of introspection. While I was at a restaurant, I encountered what I felt to be a really rude waitress. Granted I was on the phone (for a change) and trying to place an order....

iLife/iNfinity Dropbox Sept 28th

BY ryan22-09-2017.
Without getting into the specific details, we are unable to update this current Dropbox Developer Account as it is lost in the "internet abyss".

Hurricane Harvey: How We Can Help TOGETHER

BY ryan01-09-2017.
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