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What Do Alkaline Water, Alkaline Water Apps, & Dr. Emoto Have In Common?

Dr. Emoto revolutionized our understanding of water with his experiments. Many water purifiers, ionizers, and alkalinity systems have sprung up in order to give new life to the water we drink. The new realm of alkaline water apps can make pure living water as reachable as the phone in your pocket.

The work of Dr. Emoto

Dr. Emoto began his work in the 1990’s. His team double distilled water to look for patterns similar to snowflakes. His initial experiments led his team to see if these patterns would change depending on what they heard, saw, or felt. Science tells us that water is not sentient. It could never feel, hear, or see.


The experiments found otherwise. The team of researchers discovered beautiful patterns in water after sending it prayers, playing beautiful music, and showing it kind words. Disfigured crystals were created by mean words, messages of hate, and disharmonious music.the power of vibration and water, can alkaline water apps do the same

This blew all known science out of the water!


His experiments showed the world that water is affected by every vibration around it. Dr. Emoto revealed the hidden messages in water by sharing his many different books with us. Dr. Emoto and his team are known today as pioneers in the field of natural mysteries. they continue their amazing work on water.


Dr. Emoto’s work shows us that if you change the vibration surrounding the water, you will change the water.


Water ionizers and alkalizers

There are countless machines designed to do what nature does – provide balanced, healthy water. Today’s water is often highly processed, chemically treated, or stale and lifeless. Drinking alkaline water or ionized water is a way to balance the pH of the body easily. This can make a big impact on the health because the body is 70 percent water.


Alkaline water benefits include:

  • Reducing acid reflux
  • Increasing the toxins eliminated from the body
  • reducing acid reflux
  • improving the bone and heart health
  • adding antioxidants to the body

Ionized water can also have a smoother taste than other waters. It may also help balance the skin

Water ionizers and alkalizers aim to bring that water back into balance – at a high cost, of course. The machines can go for anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars… and that is without replacement parts.


Many of these machines work in a similar way. They use electrolysis or similar methods to charge the water’s particles. This restructures the molecules and create a healthier version of average water. Water ionizer companies understand something. If you change the vibration surrounding the water, you will change the water.

Alkaline water apps

Something has to be done about the cost if we were to truly bring healthy, revitalized water to the people.Water ionizers can cost upwards of $4000!

These machines can also be huge and difficult to install or maintain.


So we took action to bring real healing through re-energized water. We took all the information we know about restructuring water and put it into an easily accessible alkaline water app.


By exposing the water to ancient alkaline water apps can restructure water to make it bettersolfeggio healing tones and fractal animations we are able to energetically restructure water. This makes it taste sweeter and smoother – just like coming out of an ionizer!


The water ionizer app can change the vibration of water. The app uses one simple principle:


If you change the vibration surrounding the water, you will change the water.


Re-energized water has the power to bring harmony to the body using the same principle we learned from Dr. Emoto’s work. And this is without the price tag of a water ionizer.


We are offering our users to download the water ionizer app for a truly free trial period. There are no hooks, strings, or catches; just pure vibrational water to change your life.

Harmonize your life today with the simplest water energizer in the world.


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