Ryan Williams – CEO Quantum Health Apps
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About Us

Ryan Williams – CEO Quantum Health Apps

Meet Ryan, a pioneer in the biofeedback industry. As a child requiring speech therapy, Ryan has always been interested in Biofeedback as a treatment technique. From being a patient to becoming a practitioner, Ryan has witnessed the tremendous results biofeedback can offer. Over the past 20 years, Ryan has become a leader in his industry; from biofeedback device training, distribution and manufacturing to biofeedback app development, Ryan brings a unique blend of skills and experience to the industry. His vast expertise in FDA compliance and online marketing are well sought after within the industry.

His work experience includes; Army service in his native South Africa, university work in production engineering, entrepreneurship, and several years as a wellness practitioner in Canada, the UK and South Africa.  As a minister, Ryan was under a guided meditation, seeking answers and a meaning to his life. While under meditation, God spoke to Ryan and gifted him to tools and knowledge to create the worlds first Voice Analysis App called The Quantum iLife/iNfinity App.  It took Ryan over 8 months of working with designers and engineers to create the first beta version. Since the first Quantum iLife/iNfinity App, Ryan has gone on to produce over 30 customized app solutions based upon a principle of Interactive Biofeedback Apps. His flagship app is called The Genius Insight App.


Email: Rw@QuantumHealthApps.com

Ariel Policano, ND | USA Distributor for Quantum Health Apps

Dr. Ariel Policano is a naturopathic doctor.

In 2002, Dr. Policano graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, the oldest college training naturopathic doctors in the country.

Ariel synthesizes her knowledge of naturopathic medicine, raw foods, detoxification, nature cure, ancestral eating philosphies, energy and vibrational medicine into a unique expression of core healing.
Ariel currently holds a naturopathic license in Oregon, Arizona and California. She does phone and Skype consultations worldwide.


Email: doctorariel@gmail.com

Suzan Covington – USA Distributor







Email: suzanne_covington@zoho.com

Chris Thompson – French Distributor

Based in France, Xede International has been selling the most advanced quantum biofeedback technology for nearly 20 years across Europe and has gained considerable experience in this field.  Partner Chris Fine-Thompson has been personally involved in the launch of the Genius in France, with a team of local therapist experts, and provides support and advice in both English and French. Visit quantumhealthapps.fr (French) and quantum-iphone-app.com (English).

Email: info@quantumhealthapps.fr

Di Goldsmith – UK Distributor

MCSP (Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) DCH (Beijing) (Diploma in Chinese Healthcare) 

DNN (Diploma in Natural Nutrition)
SCIO biofeedback Practitioner certification
Trainer for Ilife Infinity & Genius Insight

Di is based in the UK and has spent over 30 years working as a Chartered Physiotherapist both privately and in the National Health Service.

Email: di@infiniteabundanceuk.com

Margret Margretardottir – Portugal Distributor







Email: margretardottir@gmail.com

Virgilio Anastasi – Italian Distributor

Certified Coach for Business Ethics and Total Quality Management
Researcher for Quantum Phisics, Resonance Projects, Cymatics and Audio Waves
Knowledges of TCM, Meridians, Chakra, Bach Flowers ecc.

Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper Operator since 2008
Radionic Operator Certified by Associazione Italiana di Radiestesia e Radionica since 2009
Member of Medical Order of the Knights Hospitallers since 2010
Quantum iLife/iNfinity Operator since 2014
Spooky2 (Rife) Operator since 2015
Tong Ren Operator since sept 2016


Email: virgil@quantum360.it

Carlos Servin – Mexico Distributor







Email: suntay69@gmail.com

Carlos Rubio – Mexico Distributor







Email: cgrm70@hotmail.com

Jerry Lee – Korean Distributor






Email: jerrylee1004@w-lintech.com